CCTV Footage Of Househelp Forcing Faeces On Madam’s Son

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A Nigerian lady Uchechukwu Ogugua, got quite thankful as she shared CCTV footages of her house help Agatha, assaulting her 2-year-old son left in her care.

According to the lady, she thought her son’s teacher was inflicting the injuries on him but the CCTV footage uncovered who was behind the act. Accusing the 14-year-old house help identified as Agatha Joshua of feeding her son with faeces, flogging him mercilessly and also sleeping with the driver and security man, the lady stated that she never maltreated or flogged her to get such in return.

She wrote;

 It is with deep gratitude to God and heartfelt thanksgiving, that I type this message.

For saving my son Prince Osinachi from death and for saving my family from sorrow, be thou exalted O Lord…if i had one million tongues, it still won’t be enough to praise you…Men may not understand how far you’ve brought us, showing us excess love on a daily, you have been so merciful even when we do not deserve it

And then it happened that i employed a witch from the pit of hell as a maid. Her name is Agatha Joshua and she hails from Gboko, Benue state, Tiv by tribe.

This is a girl i took as my own first daughter, put her in a standard school, bought her everything she wanted,not just needed. I also took her for HIV and hepatic test immediately she came and then gave her the three doses of hepatitis vaccine when she tested negative. I equally do not flog her at all,i only knock her or draw her ear to correct her whenever she makes mistakes, and i don’t do this often because she was very obedient and smart.

Oh! How i trusted Agatha… If anyone told me she could do this to my son, i will insult the hell out of him/her. She was an excellent and super smart pretender,scheming her way into gaining our trust. I trusted her with my son, the keys to my bulk food and provisions store room and even my personal room to clean at times.

It happened on 3rd of July that i decided to bathe my son by myself, because Agatha has been d one bathing him since i was 6months pregnant and working in a pharmacy where we run evening and weekend shifts. On that fateful day, she rushed to me in d bathroom showing me cane marks on Prince’s back,tummy and face,saying its d class teacher that flogged him, i kept asking who is the heartless person that will flog a 2yr+ old like that

In less than one hour, my son vomited more than 7 times,i knew something was seriously wrong because my son never vomits, even all through his teething and vaccinations,he hardly runs temperature or falls ill,he is extremely strong and healthy. In fact since i left the hospital after his delivery,i never stepped the hospital until 1y+.

Immediately,my son ,Agatha and i marched to the school and i confronted d teacher and head teacher, they said they do not beat kids in their school and that they equally saw the marks and intended to ask me who slapped him. When i called my mom, she insisted i check my house staff especially Agatha, but due to the trust and love i had for Agatha, i called her bluff and told her i highly doubt Agatha could do that. Nonetheless, i immediately included it in my to-do list to review my cctv camera fixed in the house as i was super busy, preparing for my child dedication. From there we proceeded to the lab for general tests and i ended up giving him antibiotics for typhoid.

…the postponing lingered until Sunday, 28th July when God touched me amidst very tight schedules to finally check the recordings before it wipes from the memory…lo and behold ,the first thing i saw was Agatha flogging and beating my son mercilessly as shown in the videos..i couldn’t believe my eyes i started weeping profusely,drew the attention of my hubby and called my parents and siblings immediately. She even used ice cold water on several occasions to bathe him and wash his poo…no wonder i keep treating cough and catarrh every two weeks,i even started complaining that drugs are fake.

Do you know the cause of his strange vomiting that morning?? It was because Agatha gave him his excreta to eat on the previous day when they returned from school, after flogging him mercilessly for pooing on his clothes. Jesus wept!!!

I always used to praise Agatha and tell my colleagues at work and family that i am lucky to have her, and always thanked her uncle,the security man at my work place who brought her to me,not knowing she was a green snake,i never suspected a thing. Infact when my mom and sisters visited for omugwo and child dedication, each one had a complain about her stealing or being disrespectful but i waved all aside because of blind trust

Oh! who says my God is not pretty Amazing. What would i have done if God didn’t use me to install CCTV in my house?? How would I have ever discovered this great evil happening under my nose? This same CCTV installation, we kept postponing and even almost ignored because of d cost but for my sweet Jesus who made me insist on it. I always watch such videos on social media but i always thought it so vague and distant from me,i never knew it was happening right under my roof. The good thing was that i never let my staff know i had cctv in the house, because i wanted to first observe and see their actions and inactions while i was away at work before telling them. Agatha denied everything until she was shown d videos, she was shocked to her marrows, that is to tell you that d heart of man is desperately wicked… She thought no one was watching or would ever discover but she forgot God is omnipotent and omniscient.

This is how many kids all over the world are suffering under d care of trusted maids and servants, with no one to save them.

I also saw her on many occasions eating my baby’s food while he cried and begged her,no wonder she got so fat within her 11months of stay with me while my son became more lean sadly.

In addition, she has been sleeping with our gateman and driver under my roof on so many occasions chaiiii 14yr old Agatha, so so corrupt and useless…i never even knew she was sexually active right from Gboko even though she came to my house with no breasts. She even used airfreshner container to sex herself . she also uses my teddy bears to practice sex as you can see in one of the videos(i have discarded them in case she invoked spirits into them).

I decided to share this with families and young people,especially mothers and intending mothers because of three major reasons

1. To testify and glorify the name of the Lord and put the devil to shame, he has failed and will continue to fail IJN!

2. To encourage all families who employ maids or nannies or any form of domestic staff to save up and fix cctv cameras in their homes ,because were it not for this camera,i will still live with Agatha for years and she may end up killing and corrupting my children…i really thank God he is still a kid that will outgrow the torments if not it would have left an indelible memory in his mind and life, a trauma. Mommies, pend those human hair or fashion needs and save up to buy a cctv camera,it will help you beyond your imagination. Also lets not underestimate the power of prayers, moms always pray for your kids, It has great impact on their lives. You may install cctv but if God is not on your side, the enemy may still have their way. I strongly believe its God’s love that prompted me to even decide to bath him that day since six months that she has been d one bathing him, and that was the trigger for the reviewing of d cctv.

3. To advise women to learn from my testimony, and stop neglecting their kids. I have equally learnt my lessons greatly never to leave my son in total care of anyone,no matter how busy, because if anything more weighty had happened,i am not sure i will even be here typing this. God just used this as an eye opener to us. And so i deemed it wise and necessary to share. Also, on the matter of protecting the girl child, please and please mothers, know thee that once you give birth to a baby girl, your responsibilities have doubled,we have the full responsibilities as parents especially mothers to protect our girls from pedophiles and psychopaths, they are everywhere targeting innocent ,naive and gullible girls. I know boys are not excluded but its worst for the girl child. Please learn from this. You can’t believe Agatha confessed that she was defiled by her brother ,who kept using her and threatening her too and even made her used to it to the extent of using air freshener container when the urge comes and there is no available man around chaiii

How i pity women who leave their kids especially girls in the care of maids or nannies without any form of monitoring in the name of career, travel or busy schedules…no matter our tight schedules or the quantity of house helps we have,let us try to still pay serious attention to our jewels because they can’t be bought with money or gold.

Please friends…join me in thunderous worship and praise to sweet Master Jesus

God Bless us as we ammend and apply these.

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