Important Notice: This post was published on March 17, 2021 and may be out of date.

Yes, we already know that you are a gambling star. But even if you are a true titan, even the oldest ones always have something to learn and continue to improve their performance. So, if you want to win more money with your bets, here we bring you the definitive tricks you always have to follow not to stop winning.

Bet Without Emotions

Because if there is a basic in the world of gambling, it is NEVER let yourself be carried away by emotions. Think of gambling as a job, a place with no colors, no feelings for any club, no empathy for players, no love for a hobby. We are all here to earn money, and the more, the merrier.

So, you better be able to detach yourself from your emotions to bet; otherwise, you can leave it or go signing up for a yoga class, meditation, or whatever it is that relaxes you because they will be cheaper than all the money you are going to lose if you bet on impulse. And when you have a blank mind, that is the time to enter top betting sites and look at the statistics you need to place your bet.

You Are Not the Master, and You Never Will Be

We don’t want to depress you, but you’d better have this in your head before you start gambling. Because yes, the day will come when you catch a winning streak, and you will think yourself more intelligent than Albert Einstein on the set of Women and Men and vice versa.

And since the one who warns is not a traitor, it is better to remember that you have not been touched with the magic wand of betting, nor are you the new chosen one of betting. So, when you hit an excellent betting streak, you have to do two things: enjoy the moment and keep betting with a cool head, or the money will disappear faster than your friends after watching you eat Naija jollof rice.

Be Careful with Setting Goals

Let’s see, setting goals in life is always good. But keep in mind that the stakes are more variable than a weather vane in the middle of a typhoon, so don’t be obsessed with getting a particular value of money each month. Surely there will be months that you will earn more than you thought and others that you will earn less, but the important thing, in the end, is to win. So, do yourself a favor and don’t go crazy with earning X amount of money every month. This will only lead you to make mistakes and lose little money.


Truly the ultimate secret to making money gambling is patience. So, you better have more patience because this goes for a long time.

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