Business, palm oil saga

Important Notice: This post was published on March 15, 2021 and may be out of date.

Check Out Why some palm oil in Nigeria production are bad.

Palm oil is a highly nutritious edible vegetable oil extracted from the fruit. It is one of the most Widely consumed oil in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Palm oil is consumed in numerous Nations in vegetable oil, margarine and shortening.

Have you ever asked when, where and how is the palm oil made, have you ever seen the people who process the palm oil? there are numerous vegetable oil companies in Nigeria who engage themselves in this business.

The business of palm oil serves as a source of income to many Nigerians.

As seen in these photos above, you will notice that the environment is very dirty and unhygienic. Many vegetable oil processing are bad

Don’t buy any palm oil you see in the market always check the cleanliness and the quality of the product before purchasing. Thank you for reading

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