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A newborn baby has died after his mother fell asleep while feeding him, an inquest has heard.

Joanne Harwood found her three-week-old son, Harry Marwood-Bartlett, lying face down on her bed in a pool of blood after she unexpectedly dozed off at her home in Kendal, Cumbria on November 15.

Her adult son Thomas called the emergency services and paramedics administered CPR until the ambulance arrived.

Harry was rushed off to Furness General Hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after.

Joanne gave evidence into her son’s death at an inquest in Cockermouth Coroners’ Court.

A Home Office pathologist Dr Alison Armour believes the baby died after his mother accidentally rolled over him when she fell asleep.

However, Dr Jo McPartland, paedtiatric and perinatal pathologist disagreed and said the cause of the newborn’s death is still not ascertained.

Coroner Dr Nicholas Shaw, presiding at Cockermouth Coroner’s Court, said Harry “most likely… rolled off the knee at some stage then came into an unsafe position”.

Dr Shaw said Harry died because of inadvertent co-sleeping and issued an urgent warning for all mothers to be careful of sleeping in the same beds as their infant children.

Ms Harwood, a self-employed hairdresser, returned back to just 10 days after giving birth to her baby on October 20.

On November 15, the fatigued mother returned back from work and put her child to sleep at around 10pm.

She woke up sometime during the night to feed her child but accidentally dozed off.

The mother then found her newborn son dead on her bed lying in a pool of blood around his face.

Tests showed Ms Harwood had no alcohol or drugs in her system at the time of her son’s death.

A post mortem revealed Harry had no injuries or underlying disease or infection.

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