Important Notice: This post was published on June 23, 2020 and may be out of date.

I have found a platform which is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture. We have successfully proved that we keep to our promise over-time. We make bold to say that we have employed and weekly paid many Nigerians more than some of the state governments.  

We believe that since it costs money to be online (data, time, energy and phone/laptop), you should also be making Money while online!

 Who Are We And Why Should You Trust Us?

This platform  is Founded by EMMANUEL T JOSEPH.

Our business is legal, with a physical office address at, No 18 Ahiaba Ubi, Isiala Ngwa North, Abia State.

This platform is just a new vision and strategy of directly reaching out to the average populace in order to help eradicate poverty and the increasing joblessness. 

Who can become a Member of this platform?

Anyone who wants to make money online can become a member. 

We accept membership from anywhere in the world!

We provide a platform to help you earn money by referring your friends and performing activities.

How can I Earn Money on this platform?

Members earn money in various ways depending on their seriousness.


To become a full member, you have to first register and upgrade your account

Then, follow the registration process to Login into your account.

You are required to pay a one-time registration Fee of  N350 only for you registration to be complete.

when you upgrade , you will Earn:

 (A) N500-  Referral bonus for every new person you refer to 24EARNERS that register.

(B) N200 For each promotional Video, you make about 24EARNERS

(C) N300 For each original blog post, write  (mainly for bloggers)

(D) you earn N300 for good review about the site

(E) you earn N5 to comment on post

(F) you earn N5 to comment on video

(G) you earn N50 to post 

(F) you earn N50 to share sponsors post

(G) you earn N50 for daily login

(H) earn N50 to share post on social media.

(I) N100 for profile completion.

 The Registration Fee is N350 only and it’s a lifetime Plan!

Disclaimer: Every member is solely responsible for the content that they publish on Nigerpress. The accuracy and completeness of opinions, information, and statements shared or expressed by our members or third parties are not endorsed or guaranteed by Nigerpress.