Important Notice: This post was published on May 28, 2020 and may be out of date.

There is a general saying that change is constant, and there are some specific things that are out of our control, but we as humans will have to find one way or the other to curtail any situation we find ourselves. Such is the case the world is facing with the COVID-19 Virus ravaging the world with our limited medical staff over the world doing what they can to help the infected persons and working round the clock to find a cure for the Virus. While health workers are doing their best at the forefront of the pandemic, the number of victims keeps increasing, and things are getting out of hand. People have been told to social distance, not to sneeze on their palm, always to use hand sanitizer, to avoid handshake and many other precautions, but still, the number of new cases keeps increasing. Health experts’ recent findings though it has not been accepted generally is that the virus might be transmitted when an infected talk to an uninfected person. It is such a situation that prompted health experts to debate on the question of whether to allow individuals to wear face masks in public.

As at this time last year, no one would have predicted that we be talking on the importance of facemask but it is the reality we are facing at the moment and we can’t shy away from it. It is believed that desperate times call for drastic measures and at this stage we have to weigh all our options and the wearing of facemask should be a top priority. This is because the world is still overwhelmed by this pandemic and scientists are still racing to understand the virus. Our best bet in such circumstance is to practice preventive measures. There is no better time to dwell on the Importance of facemask than in such period because it will help protect individuals by reducing the chance of getting the virus. COVID-19 Virus is transmitted through the droplets that come out when an infected person coughs or sneezes, and inhaled by a person that doesn’t have the Virus. Such form of transmission makes the use of facemask a must. Although not all health experts support the use of facemask due to one reason or the other.

Furthermore, the reason why some of the health experts don’t support the use of facemask is personal. Most of them didn’t support the idea. They were critical of it when it was suggested because they feared that the amount of facemask in circulation wouldn’t be enough for the world population, and so would lead to the non-availability of facemasks to the health workers that need it the most. For instance, World health organization(WHO) officials in their recent briefing did not recommend the wearing of facemask by the healthy members of the general population because they feel that during the period of lockdown families are going to have more cases, so there will be need for mask. But the good news is that World health organization did not ban its use and did not criticize countries that were able to provide the mask for their citizens. Some countries are looking for alternatives to facemask. For instance, the united states of America who have recorded the worst confirmed case of 257,367 are desperately in need of solution. During the recent press conference of the America president, Donald Trump suggested that the populace can use scarves so that they won’t cause shortage for health workers who are always at the frontline.

Another reason is that some of the health experts think that not everybody needs the Mask. It is only persons that are infected with the Virus that should put on a facemask so that they don’t spread it to those that are not affected. But we have seen in recent weeks that most persons now test positive of the COVID-19 Virus without any symptom whatsoever. This is one of the reasons health experts suggest that both the healthy and the sick put on mask. But the World Health Organization is very caution on the quality of facemask that is let out to the general public stating that a misused mask will not offer the intended protection because of false sense of security. It is advisable that if one is to buy a facemask he should buy from trusted companies who delivers quality product. An example of such company is Flowamask who deals on well-designed facemask. They go as far as sanitizing their protective gear and go as far as packaging it in a compostable cellophane bag that is air tight sealed.

Lastly, the COVID-19 Virus should not be treated with kid gloves because carelessness from our part will make us easily get infected and those around us. The confirmed cases of persons that have been infected globally is presently over one million. The virus has spread so fast within a short period of time. That’s to show how the virus can be transmitted very easily. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average uncovered sneeze sends droplets about six feet, and the speed and distance it travels can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is encouraged that we all use facemask and not just any facemask but a well-constructed facemask. In addition to facemask, we need to practice other safety procedures like the frequent washing of our hands, sneezing on our sleeves and not our hand, and social distancing. Most developed countries have been hit hard and these are countries that are economy giants. An instance is the United states of America whose worst case is in New York City are far behind in the amount of equipment needed to take care of the COVID-19 victim. With such situation surrounding us and with the lack of test kit, our best bet will be on how well we are able to follow the safety procedures that health experts have asked us to follow. 

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